Address book search

launch icon address book search

In Tray mode, the Address Book window opens as a separate search window.

In AppBar mode, the address book search is opened as a pop-out window from the main AppBar and can be docked to keep permanently in view using the pin button:

pin icon

The behavior is identical with either mode.

Enter a contact name, company name or telephone number to search for, then click "Go".

Tray Mode Address Book Search:

tray mode address book search

AppBar Mode Address Book Search:

appbar mode address book search

Actions from Address Book Search:

Matching entries are displayed from any integrated CRM business application, the Telephone system User list and any enabled shared or personal phone list (PPL).

Hovering over the displayed results will present a slide out menu offering click to dial, or click to "Show Contact" (in Edit mode, if authorized).

Show Contact

"Show Contact" will open the contact within the integrated CRM application or address book.

If the contact is found in the telephone system directory, a Go Integrator Nava window is displayed with action buttons:

new contact details window

Dial the selected telephone number:

dialing icon

Compose an email to the selected address with the default email client:

email icon

If the user has access, the option to Edit/Save or Delete is also presented.

Advanced Search

Select the Advanced search option to use more specific filters or search on alternative contact details such as contact notes or address details, if supported by the source address book:

advanced search display

New Contact

Select "New contact" to add a new entry to the Telephone system phone book or CRM integration:

new contact address book window

Fill in the contact details and select "Save": This screen will differ depending on if the contact is being added to the Telephone system phone book or an integrated CRM.

add new contact details window

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