Dialing settings

Manage outbound calling methods and outbound number presentation:

Dialing settings


Select the preferred method(s) for making outbound calls:

Dialing preferred methods

*NOTE: Different dialing methods are offered for varying application types. Not all applications will be supported by any certain dialing method.

Clipboard dialing enables quick dialing by selecting plain text:

Clipboard dialing

After the number is copied to the clipboard, a dial button appears:

Clipboard dialing button

Focus dialing presents a dial icon for a field in focus containing a phone number:

Focus dialing

*NOTE: The field must first be selected or in "focus" for the dial icon to appear.

Application dialing presents a dial icon by hovering the cursor over a phone number:

Application dial icon

*NOTE: Application dialing requires some set up using the Application Dialing Wizard.

Select "Add" to open the Application Dialing Wizard:

Application dialing wizard add

With the desired application open, drag the target to the appropriate field:

Application dialing wizard

With the target on the phone field, the application details and a green check will appear:

Application dialing wizard check

Select Next, and then Save:

Application dialing wizard save

Applications set in the dialing wizard will appear in the dialing menu:

Application dialing wizard

ScreenRead dialing allows for images containing phone numbers to be dialed:

Mondago homepage

*NOTE: Not every image may be readable due to certain conditions.

Dialing Helpers

Select a browser extension or TAPI-compatible application to assist with dialing:

Dialing helpers

Select a web browser to install the browser extension in:

Dialing helpers browser extension

*NOTE: Refer to the next section or select a specific Web dialing configuration:

Related topic:Edge, Chrome and Firefox Browser Configuration

Enable TAPI driver (dial only), "CallTo" protocol handler, or TAPI request handler:

Dialing helpers enable TAPI

*NOTE: Refer to the manual of your TAPI-enabled application to configure dialing.

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