Interface settings

Change interface, Hot keys, application start up, and localization settings:

Interface settings

Preview window

Enable or disable call preview notifications, set duration of or disable preview window hide time, and enable or disable preview window to appear above all other windows:

Interface preview window

Select the time before the preview window auto-hides during a call in-progress:

Interface hide delay

*NOTE: 10 seconds is default. Infinite disables auto-hide.

Call Toolbar

Enable or disable Call Toolbar to always appear on top of other applications:

Interface call toolbar


Enable or disable Call edit actions:

When unticked, and the contact is popped it will display the contact only. When ticked, and the contact is popped, then the contact can be edited immediately

Interface options

App Bar

Select the default position for the App Bar when it is launched:

Interface app bar

Hot Keys

Assign keystroke combinations to Make call, Answer and Hang up:

Hot keys

Application load

Enable automatic start up with Windows:

Application load

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