Call History

Call History is accessed from the tray menu:

Tray menu call history

Call History provides a quick reference for all recent calls:

Call History reference

*NOTE: Call History will display up to 50 most recent calls.

Hover menu

Hovering the mouse cursor over an entry displays the context menu:

Call history Hover menu

Dial directly from Call History by selecting the telephone number:

Dial direct call history

Alternatively, dial directly by selecting the telephone number:

Call history direct dial

Add Contact

Add a new contact directly from Call History:

Call History add contact

Inbound Call

A call that was received by your extension and was answered:

Inbound call

Outbound Call

A call that was made by your extension:

Outbound call

Missed Call

An incoming call that was not answered:

Missed call

If a call is already in progress, the Call History window will display the following:

Call History call in progress

The Consult transfer button:

Consult button

The Transfer button:

Transfer button

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