Preview window

The Preview window presents an information summary when a call is made or received:

Incoming call preview window

*NOTE: The Preview window is hidden after 10 seconds by default. Hover the mouse over the tray menu icon to show the preview window.


For outbound calls, a 'Dialback' will appear in the Preview window:

Outgoing call dialback

Selecting 'Answer' from the 'Dialback' takes the phone 'off hook' and places the call:

Outgoing calls dialing

Close button

Select "x" to close the Preview window:

Close button

*NOTE: Closing the Preview window does not end the call

Contact information

Name, number, and location (if available) will appear. Along with any existing notes:

Preview window contact information

Selecting a contact icon opens the contact record in the respective application:

Contact record icons

Call control actions

The following call controls will be available once a call is connected or in progress:

Preview window call control actions

*NOTE: Preview window actions available depend on call status (ringing or connected).

The hang up button ends the call:

Hangup button

The hold button pauses the call:

Hold button

Select the hold button again to resume the call:

Unhold button

*NOTE: The hold button is not utilized for transferring calls.

With a call connected, two different transfer options are available:

transfer calls

The first is "Consult", where the transfer is first announced to the recipient:

Consult button   

The second is "Transfer", where the transfer is unannounced to the recipient:

Transfer button

An incoming call displays the answer and deflect buttons:

Multiple calls

*NOTE: Deflect transfers a call directly to another extension without answering it.

Select Deflect, enter the extension or phone number, then select the green check:

Multiple calls

Multiple Calls

The preview windows will be stacked, with the active call in the front:

Multiple calls

Select the header from the inactive preview window to put it into focus:

Multiple calls

*NOTE: Selecting a second preview window does not affect the current call status.


The Preview window can be re-positioned to snap to any quarter of the screen.

Drag the Preview window by the header and drop into the desired quadrant:

Preview window move diagram

*NOTE: The Preview window will snap to a fixed position in one quarter of the screen.

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