Tray menu

Tray menu

Right-click the green Go Integrator Nava Client icon to access the tray menu:

Tray menu right-click

NOTE: Drag and drop the tray menu icon to the taskbar to make it permanently visible:

Tray menu to taskbar Tray menu task bar

Green circle icon 

A green icon indicates the phone is 'on hook' (waiting for a call).

Red circle icon 

A red icon indicates the phone is 'off hook' (on a call).

Yellow circle icon 

A flashing yellow icon indicates the call is 'held' (call is on hold).


Tray menu Menu icon

Selecting the home button brings the main menu functions back into focus:

Tray menu

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Tray menu Help icon

Selecting a topic opens online help in the default web browser:

Tray menu Help content

*NOTE: The search function can be used to search the online help documentation:

Tray menu help search text

Recent calls

Tray menu Recent icon

View the most recent calls. Recent calls can be dialed by selecting the phone number:

Tray menu Recent content

Preferred Device

Tray menu Preferred Device icon

Select the preferred device from the drop-down menu:

Tray menu Preferred Device content


Search for a number or contact name directly from the Tray menu:

Tray menu search

NOTE: Selecting a phone number in the search places an outgoing call.


Tray menu Exit icon

Use the Exit button to Log out, or Exit Go Integrator:

Tray menu exit button options

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